SOD Installation

We Install high-quality SOD and give you the lush green lawn of your dreams. We do the ground preparations and lay farm fresh SOD. We prepare the soil with the required nutrients. We do the raking and leveling to ensure you have a neat and beautiful lawn.

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Site Preparation

Involves Clearing the soil, tilling it, and checking the ph. level of the soil.


A lawn care professional will be able to recommend a suitable fertilizer for the specific climate.

Experienced Team

Highly experienced and trained professionals.

Choosing Sod

Sod needs to match the available sunlight in the lawn and the climate.

Sod care

Maintaining a consistent watering schedule is the best way to keep new sod from dying out.

One-day installation

Quick and easy Installation in a single day.

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What Our Clients Say

Our major business comes from our satisfied customers! We are heavily invested in our client satisfaction. We are driven by a genuine desire to serve our customers. We believe no amount of advertising can compare to the “word of mouth” that goes out from our satisfied customers. You can see for yourself, what our clients have to say about us.

Royal Pro Landscaping team installed Artificial turf, and it looks amazing! it has the quality and feels that will give me satisfaction for years to come, the team did a very professional job and they arranged it perfectly to fit the lawn and the joins were invisible, I highly recommend Royal Pro Landscaping services.
Matthew Clark
The best Sod installation service in Orchard Park, Royal Pro Landscaping did a great job measuring, preparing, and installing new Sod in our front yard, the crew was very accommodating and efficient we highly recommend using Royal Pro Landscaping services for your landscaping projects.
Lana Rodriguez
Great company and amazing customer service, the Sod installers did a great job, right from preparing the soil to rolling the new Sod the job was done quickly and professionally. It looks great and I am glad that I called Royal Pro Landscaping to do my Sod installation.
Ana Wilson
We are very pleased with the Sod installation done by the Royal Pro Landscaping crew at our home in Orchard Park, right from appointment, planning, and estimating, to installation everything was to the point and professional, and the crew was on time, worked quickly and did an awesome job, I highly recommend Royal Pro
Carmen Haas

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We bring nature and inspiration to your outdoors! Our garden designs and soft landscaping are meant to connect you to your natural surroundings. Do you have a dream for your outdoors? Royal Pro Landscaping team would love to help you realize it! Share your dream project with us and get a free quote.

Transform Your Yard with Professional Sod Installation Services in Orchard Park, NY

Royal Pro Landscaping is a well-established landscaping company, that believes in a high level of customer satisfaction. We have set a benchmark for ourselves in the field of Landscaping with a great team of professionals, we aim at bringing you the best landscaping experience in and around Orchard Park, NY.

Time is precious and growing a lawn from seeds is time-consuming and frustrating. Let the experts do this work for you. We see that it’s not just a matter of wasting time, it’s important that you get an even and well-grown lawn. You deserve the best and we are here to do the same for you. We will create the lawn of your dreams! 

There are several benefits of installing Sod, you get high-quality sod, as the sod is grown by professional sod farmers you get an instant lawn, and you don’t have to deal with weeds. It helps in conserving your soil by preventing soil erosion, installing new sod needs less water compared to grass seed planting. And the final result is very satisfying as you get to enjoy a lush green dense lawn.

Sod installation will transform your backyard into a lush green lawn within a day! If you are looking for quality sod in Hamburg, NY. The type that is tolerant to heat and humidity. We suggest the St Augustine Sod. we recommend this when you have a yard with not much sunlight. 

We normally suggest Bermuda and Zoysia sod as these varieties are suitable for the warm season and do well both in the sun and shady climates. They spread quickly and have a strong root system.

Get an amazing yard prepped within a day!

Our installation process is quick and effective. Growing grass from the seed takes a lot of time and patience, and most of the time the results may not be as good as we expect.

Royal Pro Landscaping specializes in installing lawns for you in a single day. by laying high-quality Sod, grown by professional farmers.

 Hire our landscaping professionals and give yourself peace of mind. Trust us to take care of everything right from the start to the end 

Are you looking for sod installation in and around Buffalo, NY?

We are a one-stop solution for all lawn-related services. We install sod for both commercial and residential purposes. If you are looking for high-quality sod at reasonable pricing, then Royal Pro Landscaping is the right choice for you!

Our landscaping professionals take care of the complete Sod installation in a few simple steps 

  • We review your options and suggest the best type of sod for you. 
  • We clear old grass and weeds in the soil 
  • We improve the quality of soil if necessary and check the sunshade pattern in your lawn.
  • We lay the Sod and finally set up sprinklers to water the Lawn.

And finally, we either guide you to maintain the lawn or take care of the lawn maintenance services if required.