Transforming Your Landscape with Graceful Ornamental Grasses

Elevate the aesthetics of your garden while keeping maintenance efforts to a minimum. Let’s explore the world of ornamental grasses—a diverse array of plants that can thrive effortlessly when grown in their native habitat and the right microclimate. These grasses not only provide exquisite ground cover and intriguing shapes but also infuse your landscape with captivating movement and soothing sounds. To discover the perfect varieties for your project, we recommend a visit to your local botanical garden, taking notes, and seeking advice from independent nurseries in your vicinity.

Consider the enchantment of Mexican feather grass, planted in regular intervals to create gentle, amber waves right beside your patio, adding a touch of poetry to your outdoor space.


Picture an amalgamation of bunny tail grasses and kangaroo paw gracing your front yard, replacing the conventional American lawn. This choice isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s an environmentally responsible decision, as it helps reduce one of the major sources of nonpoint source pollution in the United States, stemming from lawn care chemicals leaching into the environment during rainfall.

For a modern twist, envision Mexican feather grass juxtaposed against crisp rectangles carved into a sleek deck. This clever contrast sets the tone for a contemporary, barn-inspired architectural masterpiece.

Elevate the wild beauty of your lawn with strategically placed planters, artfully scaled to create strong lines and provide a tasteful partition between different outdoor areas.


Embrace the unexpected geometry and silvery green hues of various grasses. Royal Pro Landscaping showcases the stunning ‘Elijah blue’ festuca in the foreground, framed by blue oat grass and Berkeley sedge, all against a gravel oval backdrop.

From an aerial view, containers filled with these graceful grasses create a captivating spectacle that’s truly unforgettable.


Draw inspiration from the surrounding wetland grasses to seamlessly blend your built landscape with the natural environment. These grasses serve as a bridge between the constructed and the organic.

Reimagine your outdoor space to be both exquisite and functional, departing from the conventional American lawn. The towering elegance of feather reed grass adds verticality and color to your designed landscape.

Choose Mexican feather grass for its structural simplicity and ease of care, harmonizing with the landscaped meadows adorned with undulating grasses and wildflowers.

Marvel at the dramatic effect of tall wild grasses placed just beyond a low stone wall, where the wall becomes a mesmerizing link between your patio and the lush greenery beyond.


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